My website loads too slow, please help

The website is

It is loading slow when you jump to categories and just slow in general, I have tried everything I know to improve it.

Can anyone please give some suggestions to make it smoother and faster?

Thank you!

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Simple. You have 3,6Mb photos with a resolution of 5040x3360 which shouldn’t be bigger than 500x300. 3,6Mb could easily be <30kb. Resize it in Photoshop and compress it on or another site. Do this to all your photos. Good luck!


Lazy Load them. Compressing each image and replacing it takes ages. Better for smaller sites. Dm if you want to know how can automatically improve pagespeed.

Thanks for the reply! Is it true that WordPress is more SEO friendly than Webflow?

@Ze_pomelo - I get better results in WP but I am rolling my own designs, architecture, and code, not using prebuilt themes. A big difference is the path flexibility in WP which is seriously limited when using the CMS in Webflow. The other is dynamic content. In WP I render what I need. In WF you get it all then hide content (conditional visibility). I choose the platform based on the client requirements and goals. You should do the same.

You get better results in Wordpress even if you think about the assets you have on your site. All assets starts with a foreign domain and even multiple, which leads in general to an bad SEO from my perspective.

I guess other than those mentioned by Franne, Jeff, and Stacket. You may consider changing the cursor back to a normal one instead of noodle (Although that’s cute). Since it always causes a lag. Adding on, you may want to change the format of the images from JPEG to SVG. So that even if you decrease the resolution size, it won’t be affecting the image quality much. Attach with the supporting format of images below.

Changing an image to SVG is only a good idea if the image is a graphic. If you change a photograph into an SVG, it will likely increase the file size. SVG means Scalable Vector Graphic, meaning it draws lines based on equations. If the pixels are all different, it’s going to render each pixel in the image by drawing a line based on a unique equation. Try it! (I only know because I’ve done that same thing.)