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My webflow subdomain is still showing in google searches, despite having disabled subdomain indexing

The title pretty much says it all. I’ve published my website using my custom domain ( and checked off the “disable subdomain indexing” option in my SEO settings.
However when searching from “papes canada” on google, the webflow subdomain is still showing up in the search!

I’ve disabled the subdomain indexing about a week ago, so I feel like it should be off SERPs by now.

Any clue on why this is and how to fix it?

I’ve set up a GSC for the custom domain, not for the webflow subdomain.

I had been publishing changes to the subdomain, but I stopped as soon as I published the custom domain.

It’s frustrating because it currently ranks above my actual website and looks almost exactly the same, so when people click on it they end up on a 404 error page, and I have no ability to redirect them to my actual website :frowning:

Thanks for trying to help! Hopefully the all mighty Google gods will fix it soon

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