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Indexing and exclude on google search console

Hello all,

I have two problems with google and my website.

The first :

I published my site last week, I set everything perfectly for SEO, the search console and my dashboard webflow.

However, when I search for my site on google, the domain with my subdomain appears. Do you know how to remove this subdomain so that my site with the right domain will appear first, and no webflow, please?

The second problem :

I set the search console logically perfectly too, and I indexed my site following the right steps, knowing that I already published many site on google with Webflow. But this time I have a problem.


I have a thoughtful and SEO-oriented sitemap, however, on the search console, it appears that I have 43 pages excluded, and an error on the homepage with a noindex. Nevertheless I can see them on google, however the homepage does not appear first result is my price page.

If someone can help me, you are gonna be my superhero, and for my team too.

Thanks :smiley:

  1. (although it will probably resolve itself)
  2. You need to click into it and see why they are excluded, it will say