My Webflow site broke for seemingly no reason. Elements have disappeared from view. Help!

I was working on some simple image interactions on my site (scroll into view > move/opacity) and after committing to a simple timing change, everything went haywire.

Almost every element with an interaction applied to it has disappeared from view. The preview mode is buggy and choppy as hell, and nothing I do seems to be fixing it. It appears this way on the staging site as well. I tried removing interactions from the hidden elements but no change takes place. I tried restarting my browser and my computer, but the issues persist.

I looked to see if perhaps Webflow servers are down but I haven’t seen anything regarding site-wide issues.

I duplicated the page and while everything appears to have been restored, most of the interactions are gone. Is there any way to “fix” the original page? I had so many interactions I don’t want to redo…

What do I even do here? To my knowledge there is no logical reason for this to be happening.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I ended up having to duplicate the page and re-do the animations. The original page is diseased beyond repair. No idea what happened but it must’ve been a bug. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again…