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Interactions disappeard

I’d set up a bunch of Page Scroll interactions which were running fine but suddenly all vanished. Don’t fancy rolling back in fear of losing other work I’ve done in the meantime. Anybody else having / had this problem? It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that I’ve FUBAR’d it myself but don’t think I have!

In fairness, it’s not masses of work to reconfigure the interactions, just wondered why it’s happened and if it’s likely to happen again.

Any help appreciated!

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Interaction created prior to the “upgrade” or IX2 are considered “Legacy”.

To access them… flip the “Legacy Interactions” control…
then select the element that has an interaction - such as your Nav.

Thanks buddy, I should’ve said though that the legacy ones are still there, it’s the IX2 ones that have gone. I had some Page Scroll effects: menu hide on scroll down / show on scroll up, and the enquiry flyout triangle rotated in from the right. Completely disappeared now. :frowning:

ohhhh… that’s not good then

  • I didn’t see any IX2 interactions.

That’s really odd. Maybe some one else has come across a similar situation.

On a side note… I was under the impression…
you couldn’t have both the IX and IX2 interactions at the same time.

I thought it was an either / or situations. I’ll have to play with it a little more to find out.

Yeah, I hadn’t intentionally combined them, just found that when I flicked on IX2, the IX1 underlines still worked so I left them in :slight_smile:

Did you happen to turn any of those animation elements (targets) into a symbol? I believe that instantly strips any animation from something. I had noticed that when I turned my nav bar into a symbol, that the JQuery targets no longer applied.

No, nothing like that. The weird thing is there’s no trace of them. Not just stripped from the elements but gone completely from my list of animations.

That is strange, maybe try walking backwards through the backup previews under versions, and see on what day it went missing. I do know that cloudflare was down the other day for me and others, and suffered slowness and issues streaming content for a day or two after as well. Would be interesting to see if that day coincides with data loss.

I can do that without losing my progress since the loss?

Don’t restore, just do a preview, it opens a new tab in read-only mode

Ah cool, cheers.

Found it - and I did wonder about this - all there in a list yesterday when in the studio (Windows / Chrome), then all gone a couple of hours later when home (MacBook / Safari). Curious!

Sounds like you had an old version still open on the other computer, so when you got home and opened your browser, Webflow took the old version and synced it as the most current. I had that happen, but it wasn’t from two computers, it was from having two tabs open then going back to it a few days later by accident.

Even though webflow logs you out when it detects another IP, if your other computer had two tabs open, one tab would require a sign in and fresh re-load, the other tab would call home and sync it’s old data.

More likely though you had two tabs open at your work computer, and the last tab you closed was the old version that synced over your old work when you brought the tab into focus.

Just a theory. Data loss from coud-flare is highly unlikely, and I’m sure we’d have heard more than just an isolated incidence.

Good luck!

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Cheers man. Sounds quite likely. I’ve ended up duplicating the project, rolling back the old one, then rebuilding the last 24 hours work using the duplicate as a reference guide. Surprisingly fast, to be fair!

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