No interactions are working anymore - Webflow laggy

Since yesterday, webflow is messing up… I’ve been working on my website all day and it was fine.
Then I took a 1 hour break, came back, and no interactions were working anymore, whether it’s on the preview mode or published site… Though nothing had been touched.

Even when I try to toggle the live preview button in the interaction’s panel, the button itself doesn’t even move, as if Webflow was just frozen. I can feel Webflow is definitely having issues because it gets laggy for no reason, as I’m editing a text or just moving my mouse around. I’ve used 4 different up-to-date browers, checked my Windows updates, graphic pilotes, basically everything and I was still having the sames problems.

Please, can someone help me with this ? I thought it would be gone during the night (I live in Belgium) but nope, nothing has changed :weary:

Here is my site Read-Only: Here and there is my live website: There

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