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My Web Design/Content Marketing Website

Been working on my web dev and content management website. Looking for some constructive feedback from the community as I move forward with it!

Earthbased Digital Media Co. Website

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Is this 100% finished or still a WIP?

Still a WIP. Still adding some pages and content to it.

So this is? 75% Finished? Or?? I don’t want to spend time reviewing it if it’s only at 50%.

Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

It’s around 90% complete. Still adding some content in case studies and editing some text copy etc. but the design is finished.

My first impression is that there’s too much happening on the home page…

And the contact box at the bottom - there’s lots in here and to me it looks intimidating

Good luck!

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Is there a team page? I don’t see one… will there be one?

Not yet. We are definitely planning to add our profiles and company info soon.

Do you feel as though that is an extremely important part of our website that we should be jumping on ASAP? Sorry if that’s a silly question.

I can let you know when that part is up. We are just working on finalizing some of the copy for it. Sorry I know I said the design was finished, but we’ve just got that section to add.

Again, really appreciate your feedback.

OK. Here is my perspective… you’re offering everything but the kitchen sink: Web Design, Graphic Design, Brand (which I don’t consider just identity or needing to be an Identity, or a “Mark”, or a logo) You say you also do Inbound Marketing, Content Writing, Analytics, SEO and Multi-Media Production.

That’s a lot of offerings… when I initially saw all of this, my first thoughts were…

  • Who is on this team?
  • What is their experience?
  • Where are their profiles?
  • Why aren’t they already on the site?
  • How many of them are there per discipline? (4 Designers?, 6 Digital Marketing people?.. etc.)
  • This has got to be a HUGE team because of everything being offered.

Once I started looking @ the site, I found some SEO site structure mistakes that Hubspot’s tool didn’t pick up. I also found mistakes in your content… especially in the marketing sections, which I notice more, since that’s what I do too.

I think that having profiles for all the people on your team will do something good for your business depending on their experience and the number of people in each discipline… that would be to raise trust and lower risk for prospective clients who visit the site. If your company is just a few people, I’d scale back your offerings to just what you’re really good at regardless of what’s “hot” right now. The marketing topics are in definite need of attention, but if you’re real forté is design, then offer just that in whatever flavor you can deliver on. Some of these other things you’re offering seem like you’re over-reaching, just by the way your content reads, it’s a given that your content writer isn’t very good or experienced.

It’s been a long time, but I did do a video review for your site, but now having said what I did above, some of that review will be redundant now. I think I covered some of the more glaring issues here in this post, so maybe this will be enough. To be honest, I’m kind of rusty on the video reviews right now anyway since I haven’t been doing many since the New Year.

Anyway, just something to think about. Don’t feel like you have to do it all… sometimes partnering with people in other disciplines is a great idea and helps to take some things off your plate and make life a bit easier.

As always… Just My 2¢!

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Really amazing feedback @itbrian40. Thank you.

I totally agree with you. We are a small company that is absolutely over-reaching on what we can do, and should focus our website/portfolio more on what we’re good at, which is design. Our actual in-house team is much smaller than what we are offering, especially when it comes to content marketing etc.

We are going to revisit some of our content offerings and pair it down a bit. Right now we’re all trying to wear 500 hats!

Really appreciate the feedback. Definitely added some perspective to it all for sure.



You’re welcome. I’m glad it was of value to you.


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