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My template is glitchy. Can someone help figure out what's wrong?


I bought this template yesterday and so far haven’t changed much. However the nav links seem to only work sometimes. A few minutes ago I had to refresh the page because there was nothing to be done, no matter which link I clicked it wasn’t bringing me anywhere.

Also, I clicked the ‘page’ section in the top left of the designer in an effort to change pages, and nothing happened. I had to refresh the page to get it working.

I am concerned that this will affect my website when published.

Thanks in advance for looking into this!

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi, I just tested the site using the navbar and I had no issue following any link. Maybe 40 clicks and all of them were successful.

Do you still have the issue? Maybe clean your browser cache, make sure you use no extensions on chrome (you can use a copy of Chrome Canary to have a clean environment).

Hi, thanks for checking.

It happened again as I was going from the Contact section to any other section, I couldn’t get out.

I will try clearing my cache…

I’m the designer of that template so I felt figuring this out as well.
I browsed through the site but, like Vincent, I don’t seem to have problems with the issue you described. Navigating through pages seems to work fine!

Might just be a lag in the designer.

Thanks, and by the way, awesome template!

@rowan I’m not very good at this… could you please take a quick look at the social media icons in the footer and tell me why the hover isn’t the same colour as I chose? It seems something is overriding that but I’m not sure exactly what.

Thanks a ton!

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