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Finishing Touches Help!

Hey Friends,

I’m trying to finish my second site, and having a few issues I need to fix before I hand over to my client. Any insights or suggestions greatly appreciated:

  1. Why are navlink boarders flickering on hover when near edge? Not sexy
  2. When I click on a navlink the boarder drops down slightly, why?
  3. On the pages: ‘About’ and 'Author I’ve been able to set conditional visibility for each icon based on whether its corresponding link is set. This ability does not seem to be available for the social links I have listed for authors or contributors on my Blog Posts Template
  4. When in tablet view, the link block with the setting [set product image as BG image] was straying away from the top of the Div Block it’s set within— despite Flexbox rules for that DivBlock (Product Card) were set to justify to top. I fixed this by setting the image to fill rather than be contained. Now I have a new problem where my image zoom to 265% on hover is now sudden despite having set an ease transition for ‘All properties’ to 425 MS.
  5. Is there a way to change the amount of rows for a collection list for tablet view to 2 columns, while still maintaing 3 for desktop view?
  6. Responsive font sizes for descending screen sizes? The Hero header for each page reduces size, but no other fonts.

Thank you!

  1. Your borders are flickering because you’ve set your margins and padding on the hover/pressed states, as opposed to the normal element state. It took me 15 minutes of frustratedly checking every single portion of your navbar to find that. No charge.
  2. Same problem.
  3. You haven’t set different font sizes for the different breakpoints, as far as I can see.
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