My subscription does not show in our dashboard even though it's already been billed and paid for

I paid $276 for a webflow subscription and the charge has already hit our corporate credit card yet my dashboard doesn’t show it nor can I add support for a custom domain. Webflow also keeps prompting to me add a paid subscription. I’ve emailed webflow support but that apparently goes to the abyss and no one and I mean no one ever responds.

Hey! Chris_Harrison I hope by Clearing your browser cache and cookies and then logging back into your Webflow account can help resolve discrepancies between what you see on your dashboard and what’s actually in your account. If the above steps don’t work, try contacting Webflow support through their live chat. If you still don’t receive a response from Webflow, you can dispute the charge with your credit card company. Be sure to provide any evidence to support your claim.