Hosting purchase fail $192 lost in the digital forest

I have emailed customer service twice but no response from Webflow. Not even the auto generated email that is sent when you email support.

I used the link to allow my client to pay for hosting for a site that is staged. He paid $192. We can’t see that anything happened. No “feedback”. No emails sent following the processing of the transaction to my email address (webflow account).

I don’t know what to do. The client thinks webflow is a $%^). I don’t know what to tell him. This is endangering my ability to use Webflow with clients.

This work is on a deadline and all we can do at this point is have the credit card reverse the charges and try having me purchase the hosting.

The option for purchasing hosting is only allowing me to purchase CMS hosting. The are no collection lists in the site. It is all static. Here again I don’t know why and can’t move the project forward until I can figure out how to purchase hosting.

You send them an E-Mail via this Form?

Via the contact form