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My slider won't work

Hi everyone

I use the slider on my top website, the weird thing is I use the background image for my slide like the tutorial recommended. when I add 2-4 more slide image, start from 3-4 slider image is the same like the second one even I put the background image on the slide 3 and 4, I get very confused right now. How can I fix this? Thanks!

Hi. Very general Q.

Please add a read-only link and publish site link.

In general most of the time for a slider with BG images you create this structure:
First create slide class (Set bg properties, colors, padding and so on) - then add unique/extra class to each slide (combo classes)
[slide] paris
[slide] london
[slide] new-york

Why? Because each slide is with diff BG image (So you must give diff class for each slide).

See this video:

In your case i guess you dont to this trick.

The CSS behind:

Thank you so much! I just delete and redo again.

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