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My site looks broken on webflow mode but not on my current site

It’s been like this starting today. It was alright yesterday and day before. Does anyone knows how to fix this issue?

Here’s the video

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@EJ_Byun - I had something similar to this happen to me recently on a hero image. For some reason, it wouldn’t center even though all of my elements were setup correctly using Flexbox. I messaged support, and the response was just to do something similar to this:

Not sure how much this helps on the live version as I can’t test, but hopefully it solves your problem.


So there’s currently a bug with what looks like the naming of things in webflow, specifically within flexboxes. I found your error because I was looking for a solution to mine and couldn’t find one, and while support was getting back to me I decided to investigate further.

This sounds weird, but rename that class to something WITHOUT a number as a leading character. It’s currently called 3quotes or something like that, rename it to quotes3 or quotessection or akjdsfhakf or whatever you’d like, it just can’t start with a number. Seems like a serious bug right now but that’s what fixed it for mine and also fixed it for yours when I tried my hand at it.

I literally made an account to help out with this, I hope it works for ya man (or woman :stuck_out_tongue: )

edit: Last edit, but I wanted to let you know that with your specific example, it doesn’t affect the live site, even if you push it with it looking like that in the designer view. It’s JUST in the designer view that it looks weird.


I’m also having issues with two sites – fine on the front end but the dev site is going haywire. I messaged them and am waiting to hear back.


Im dealing with the same issue!
Thank you, @Collin_Arnold !!! Your workaround works!


Nice! Good to know that it isn’t some local thing. I have a support ticket put in, but would encourage you to submit a bug report as well so this can get some traction and get fixed (if it’s not already being worked on, webflow support is awesome)

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I have exactly the same issue! I thought I was going mad, on my designer everything is incorrect and things like the actual body of text appears to have changed too.

Fingers crossed this gets sorted quickly.

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I am having this exact same issue, and I check the preview link of the original premium theme I built this from, and it’s corrupted in the designer too. I truly hope this is resolved quickly as I was supposed to be delivering this website this afternoon. Now, it’s impossible to work on it and who knows if it’s gone forever.

Hi, all! The team just rolled out a fix that should solve the previous problems that you were seeing.

I’m so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and if you’re still seeing issues don’t hesitate to reach back out!


Hurray! I can confirm that the issues are now fixed in my designer. Thanks for the super speedy fix @rileyrichter and Webflow team! Killer support team as usual!

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Same problem here, on my published sites there are no issues, but in my designer some things are messy. Hope for a fast fix!

Cheers :beers:to the @webflow support team for being involved in the forum and providing fast support! From my experiences with other platforms, this is rare :clap: