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Designer Issue: all styles are broken in the designer only

No idea what is happening with the webflow designer but all my projects are simply messed - the layouts are broken. Is it only me?
That’s just one example:

As you can see the form is messed completely.
When I publish it though, all projects looks coreectly. I can’t continue working on them in the designer though.

I wonder if there will be any response from the WF team. How I am supposed to work on my projects now?

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Hi @Josef

Thanks for alerting us to the issue. Whenever posting possible Bugs or strange behaviour, please ensure you provide your read-only link and the location (page) where this issue is occurring so we can investigate for you.

  • Read-only link
  • Where the Bug/issue is occurring
  • Are you using any custom code on the page/project?
  • Does this also occur when logged into Chrome Incognito/Safari Private modes?
  • Your current browser details from

We’ll be standing by to look into this for you. If you can’t share the link here - you can contact us instead:

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