Webflow designer is corrupt/broken, but live site is ok. How is this possible?

Earlier today I was editing my site using the Webflow designer. During editing the designer seemed to completely wipe my most recent published content and put in very old content + distort and corrupt all of the images sizes and the general design. So basically it looks like I’ve lost all of my work and design + theme layout looks horrible now.

BUT my LIVE site is fine… What the… How is this possible. I assume something wrong with the Webflow designer, but I can’t “restore backup” as my backups all seem corrupt and old too. But my current live website is being pulled from somewhere surely! I publish my site very regularly.

Has anyone else had this issue with the designer? Is it a glitch? I am on a tight deadline with this project and am afraid to touch the designer and it will override the live site and loose all of my data. I have contacted support. Comparison photos below just to show how strange some parts are.

Live published site:

Read only designer link:

Thank you for any help you can give. Mostly I am just worried I will have to start from scratch to rebuild and also not sure how to return my theme into a working model and not wonky/broken…