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Let's build the Webflow SEO Best Practice Guide together

Hi Guys,

For a project I’m doing currently, I’m being blasted with SEO terms, and as I couldn’t find an overarching topic, let’s build this SEO Best Practice Guide (SEO BPG) together. I’ll start, you can join in with your expertise and I’ll add it in the first post.

EDIT: I started with linking to other websites for how-to’s and provide some comments. That would cost you too much work to read. So, let’s just share it in graphics. Much easier:

  1. This are the basics.
  2. This is advanced stuff in a pdf
  3. Here’s how you win from your local competitors.
  4. This is the format of the ideal blog post
  5. Here’s is a more detailed to-do-list.
  6. And here’s which actions should get priorities.
  7. These are trends that have changed the last year.
  8. Lastly, i’m not sure all is true, but it’s a nice visual how to build a seo-friendly page.
  9. And, these are the mistakes you want to avoid.

Feel free to comment / add your experience(s).
PS. If you are one of those people that likes to read, feel free to read this advanced guide to seo.


Great collection you have gathered there @Diu :beers:

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@Diu Nice idea! I’ll add any stuff as I come across it. I’ve got plenty of experience in SEO so if you’ve ever got any questions feel free to ask privately or publicly :slight_smile:

@CircleWorks, yes please! The more the merrier!

I’ve got one question that I can’t figure out by myself. I’ll DM the question!

Haaaa that post is great @Diu !! Thanks a ton!

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