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My site Bellhop

Finally had some hours yesterday to play with Webflow. I am amazed how cool it is and fun to use - I love it! It’s a tool I been looking for so long - Wix just doesn’t cut it.

I am fairly new to html/css, and actually I feel like this is helping me learn as I can see how the different attributes apply visually.

Thanks for the help with my question some days ago, and thought I would post my output from the hours yesterday

Can’t wait for multiple pages and some of the other stuff on the roadmap!

Thanks again.


Great website, I love it. However, it could just be me (let me know if this is the case), but when I resize my browser (Chrome, on a MacBook Pro) to the size of a mobile device, a few things near the top of the page, like ‘arrange a showing’ mess up a little, as well a couple of other elements on the page.

After giving the mobile devices a bit of love, Bellhop will be awesome!

Hope this helps,

Yeah it looks like your submit button is Position: Relative with some values under there (that’s why it’s overlapping the text. For mobile you can change the Position to Static and then use Margin:0 Auto to center it.

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Delete the autofocus from the

Arrange a showing of your home and explore your options, by
completing the form.

form :wink:

<input class="w-input email-input" type="text" placeholder="Enter your email address" name="email" data-name="Email" required="required" autofocus="autofocus"></input>

And try to close tags with /> instead of <...></...>

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Thanks alot for the feedback guys :smile:

I am currently re-doing it. Learning by doing since this 1st attempt, has taught me alot of things on how to improve and implement stuff.

I am in love Webflow :smile:



Wanted to do a follow up post on my progress :smile:

Check it out:

Feedback and comments are welcome :smile:


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Fantastic work @asssmidt! I really like that clean design and colors used in this project! How did you manage to make dual-language? Just curious :wink:

This looks very nice. Much improved from the first attempt.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it :smile:

@bartekkustra For now I went the ultra manual way of duplicating (after export) the index.html into a dk directory, and then translating that. Soon though, I need to try one of your methods because I can see my method becoming very overwhelming soon…

Wow cool. Yeah love it. Very clean and nice.

Question: How did you do the web form signup? Is it working? I couldn’t get it to submit.
Is it integrated into something like Mailchimp directly? If so, how did you do it?

What I was trying to solve was the ability to have an ajax mailchimp signup form in the page - which doesn’t pop the user out of the site just to sign up - like the MC web form examples do. That’s not the experience I wanted. So I duct-taped my own together.

I would prefer not to mess with it at all and am awaiting MailChimp or Campaign Monitor API access (like squarespace has - but they suck) and just enter my mailchimp account and id and whammo - Bob’s your uncle.