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My portfolio website build with webflow

Hi, I wanted to share my portfolio website, built in webflow. Feedback and constructive comments welcome! Thanks to webflow for a great product, it has been a learning curve for sure but starting to get there. I will be updating the site before the end of the year to show a gallery of single shots of other work and thinking about changing the hero area so that it communicates more, at the moment it is just a slideshow of some of my photography.

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Hi John, great site.

the design is very inspiring and the projects are presented very well. Just not sure, If I would switch the client information to the bottom and put your project goals more up at first. Maybe an additional navigation to switch to the next project would be helpful.

Hi pupinko, thanks for the feedback, when you are in a project you should be able to see a prev/next nav bar at the bottom of the page? It appears as you scroll up, maybe not obvious enough?

Do you mean project goals in the case study text? Yes, you are probably right about that, thanks!

Ah, I was not aware of the navbar before, it’s just showing up, while scrolling up. And yes, I was talking about the project goals in the case study text.

Maybe I will add a little message that comes up once only and points the users attention to the pre/next bar. Thanks, I haven’t really done any user testing on it!