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My first website ever build

Hello there folks! :smiley:

My name is Daniel and I started using Webflow couple a months ago. I have always liked the web and its possibilities and have now build my first site which is for our non-profit organisation using Triathlon to fund money for our projects. Check the coming soon site out. Please tell me if you dislike something and I will show you the rest when we launch the main site later this month. All words are helpful!




Hey Daniel,

great work! Some things I would do (just my opinion!):

  • arrange the content so that the user doesn’t have to scroll
  • add some hover styles/ transition to the play button
  • add the blue border to the name field as well for the focus state
  • add the blue border to the right side of the email field as well on focus
  • change top to -3px for the submit button so it’s aligned with the fields

Wish my first website had looked like this :slight_smile:

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Looks good @Daniel_Remes! :smile:

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Looks good mate - but did you know it doesn’t work in Firefox?

I have Firefox 30.0 on Windows 7 and the ‘Name text’, ‘Email text’ and Facebook Like badge aren’t visible.

Just thought you’d like to know!!



thanks for you support! The background image is not loaded in Firefox. I dont know why. Maybe @cyberdave knows why? :smiley:

Hi @Daniel_Remes, I can take a look to see what I can tell with Win 7 and Firefox 30. I will run a few tests and get back to you. Cheers

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Hi @Daniel_Remes, just an update, I tested with firefox 30 and Win 7 and the background image shows ok for me, but the placeholder text in the signup form, is not showing, as @davidpnaylor commented. I am still checking on that, to see what i can find out.

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thanks @cyberdave :smiley:

Is it easy to chekc things like this? I dont have a clue how or were I can do that. Any suggestions?

Hi @Daniel_Remes, well for checking browser issues, I use BrowserStack ( for this, as they have very broad browser support and it is easy to launch an actual citrix based view using actual operating systems and browsers. It is not an inexpensive service, but very valuable and useful. The time saved in my opinion and ease of testing a site across many browsers (automatically), pays for itself.


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