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New Portfolio site. Would love feedback

Hi Webflow people -

I’m a CD/AD working in NYC. Finished up my portfolio site (for the moment) Would love to know your thoughts. general look/feel. functionality/UX/UI. feel free to comment on the work itself.
Appreciate any and all feedback. The site is here:

Thanks -
Scott B.


Wow!! That is stunning!! Clean, elegant, tight, and just enough animation to be interesting without being too much.

The ONLY things that made me pause were 1) not seeing the hamburger menu. For a couple of seconds, I was wondering where the navigation was, because I don’t expect a hamburger on a desktop site. And 2) the little arrow to the left of your main images made me think it was a slider control arrow, not a link to the detail page. I think “arrows” make me expect that I am controlling movement, especially in the hero section.

Other than that…BRAVO on the site, as well as your portfolio work! :slight_smile:

@ctotty -

Thanks so much for the feedback. The people on this forum are wonderful!

Yeah - I went back and forth on the need for visible nav on desktop.
Ultimately though it was a distraction to the “Hi, I’m Scott…” copy.

Interesting (and fair) point on the arrow reading like “a slider button”… hmmmm.
revisit in a week… I may change that. :slightly_smiling:

really appreciate the input.


Nice… looks cleans and runs good on my note 5. Simple and modern looking.

Thanks mucho.
Nice to hear its working on assorted devices.
Was worried about load times .