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My first Website - SchnauZug Movember

Hey Guys

After hours of try and error I launched my first real website.
It is still version 1.0 and I will add more content as soon as possible.
First, I used more interactions and fixed backrounds, but with them, I had lots of problems with older browser versions and so on, so I kept it simple.

It’s in german, so I guess most of you guys won’t understand any word :smile:
It’s about our NPO. We try to push Movember in our region in Switzerland.

I really enjoyed working with webflow. I don’t have experience in programming and I’m not a professional designer. But thanks to webflow I had the possibility to realize a cool project and made a good looking website. (at least for my standards :wink: )

Let me know what you think and where I do have big bugs or possibility to better things up.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Nice job! Love the parallax on the profiles. Very clean design well done :slight_smile:

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Well done! Didn’t know it was called “parallax on the profiles” but I loved that part too.

Thank you very much :smile:

I searched now the forum, but couldn’t find what I’m looking for.
Maybe some one can tell me, how I can set the text on the sliders fixed?
So that the image is changing, but the text and logo on top of it will stay?
I tried to put it on the “mask” but then it doesn’t appear…

Many thanks!

Well done @schuler_joel! I love the darks with the blue. Looks great!

I also agree that the profiles and your use of Parallax is very well-incorporated.

Coool…Good job done. well laid out…nice

really creative on the team section! Moustache’s!