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My first webflow site. Criticism wellcome!

Hi Everyone,
We are web design studio from Russia

Thanks for the webflow, it makes building sites quickly much easier

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Very, very nice. Particularly for your first site in webflow.

My only critique would be to not have the header have that dropdown interaction on load as it makes some pages load a little funky (in Chrome, not checked others) and the coloured pricing modules look a little garish compared to cleanliness of the rest of the site.

Other than that, and the fact I don’t speak Russian, superb sir.

EDIT: Just re-tested and it’s only the pricing page that loads a little jerkily. Love the spinning logo too.

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Thanks :smiley:
Thank you for your quick response.

very cute. That first image shows a lot of fun personality =) great job

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Awesome site. Love the style & colors used :smiley:

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Header is not visible well.

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Yes, i will make it better, thanks