Site for Architecture & Interior Desing Agency

Hi there from Minsk! :hugs:

I want to share you my last project, on which I worked last few weeks :sunglasses:

It’s a landing page for the architecture & interior desing agency in Minsk, Belarus. In this project I opened a new type of sliders sinergy for myself, and also that was a first project, in which we create such a difficult calculator (it changes bonus under the price, when you choose different checkboxes :slightly_smiling_face:)

This was a very important project for me in terms of development, so it would be awesome to have a feedback from our community about this work :muscle:

Thank you very much! :love_you_gesture:

P.S. And sorry for my English! I know it’s bad :sweat_smile:


Great site and very pleasure and clean design. I love what you did with the sliders. Usually I´m not a big fan of them, but in your design they fit perfectly :+1:t3:

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It looks awesome. Very jealous of your skills.

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Thank you for a feedback! I made a lot of work with these sliders, glad you like it! :smile:

Steven, I think that I must a lot to learn yet :sweat_smile:
Big thanks for your thoughts! :+1:

nice simple beautiful.

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Beautiful site, and love the layout and interactions. It’s a very clean aesthetic! Nice work!

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