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My client seriously wants this

Now I’m not the best at Webflow / design / code, but I am trying to learn. A prospective client wants me to do this, I think it’s terrible, which I don’t mind telling him. I just wondered what the moreexperianced designers out there think of it? Am I missing something?

You’re maybe missing the obvious. “I think it’s terrible because…”

Graphic design, and especially web design, isn’t meant to achieve beautiful things. It’s meant to serve a goal, to reach objectives. In web we often speak about convertions (convert a visit to a lead, a sell etc…)

A site can’t chase all possible goals. Goals have to be listed, sorted from most important to trivial. Then you chose the goals you’re going to chase.

After that, you compose a layout and you do graphic design, giving elements a visual hierarchy, with the sole objective to chase your goals.

Graphic design of a website can then be “vibrant”, “unique”, “impactful”, and place the site into a universe, like “corporate”, “news”, “commerce”…

The screen capture you’re showing us isn’t super visually appealing. Yet it’s not horrendous. There are many things you can refine, but overall, it’s clear and the layout isn’t cluttered, has spaces to breathe.

It has already a bit of what’s essential to a design: it makes the eyes do a zig zag pattern (our brain looooooves doing zig zag, you must make peoples eyes do zigzag between the essential parts)

So : path of reading, visual hierarchy, reaching the goals, information architecture, being in the right universe… all of this comes before making something “beautiful”.

Now it’s hard to say more because there’s a lot of latin. of course the center paragraph has to bring more reading dynamic, be broken down. Illustrations wouldn’t harm etc, etc…

I just tried here to provide perspective. Of course you should try to make it beautiful, and a challenge for you as a designer, something you’ll be proud to show. But it doesn’t have to be the one-pager with big sections that almost every site is nowadays. Your client may not know design but he may well know his business.


Thank you Vincent, that is really insightful and very useful. I will take the time to digest your comments before I feedback to my client. It is certainly going to be challenging but tweaking this like the font, underlined links etc will help. I have much to consider!

Enjoy your day and thank you :slight_smile:

I agree with @vincent
After all, that’s what they teach us, and the purpose always surpasses the design…

With that said…

Hey, Jesus called! He wants his website back!

(couldn’t resist)