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My attempt at a Modal Window, plus a whole lot more!

Hi guys, please find below a website I have been working on for some time now. It’s an event and agency I currently run.

I’ve been working on the artist page here

Literally everything you see here has been designed in photoshop and implemented into Webflow, using only Webflows tools.

Please take note of Artist Management and click on an artist, you will see multiple Bios for each artist however, I am worried this might take up too much space and case long load times (there is also at least 2 interactions for each artist, will this take even longer?)

I look forward to your comments people :smile:


Great site. Love the design - so relevant to the target market.

The artist pop-ups aren’t visible in mobile view. And if you click a pop-up and don’t choose to close it, and then click another artist, their pop-up appears below the first one. Would be good for the first pop-up to close automatically when another is opened.

Thanks for the feedback Liquid, that is something I would like to incorporate but it’s figuring out how to do so!

I’ve noticed that webflow are integrating a lightbox feature, so I might wait out for that.

The reason I disabled the mobile pop-up view is because, the way I have set things up, it simply doesn’t fit properly and becomes confusing for the user.

Aside from this, would you suggest anything else, and does it load up in a reasonable time as I’m worried that there is too much data on each page.


It’s a nice site, I love the planets.
Both the page linked and home loaded fast for me, I noticed no wait time.
The Lightbox feature is live now. Press CTRL+E+L while in the designer. It’s more a gallery than a simple lightbox.