My 2nd client site w/ webflow

Most likely will be trying the CMS beta on this baby for the vendors (there are a lot). but here it is so far.

I am starting to get the hang of Webflow! much more to learn!!!

responsive needs some tweaking… my stylesheet workflow got sloppy :frowning:

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Very very nice. Clean, fine tuned, well balanced, nice visual hierarchy. Kudos for this work.

The popup flashes upon loading and flashes again when closed. This is probably easily fixable. Would you want some help on that? Just need a sharing link.

Here is my webflow project site for review:

I for the life of me could not figure out why I could not fade out and change block visibility to none.
under NAVIGATOR in webflow see last 2 items. LOCATIONS POPUP and FULLSCREEN BG. The fullscreen trigger never worked for the popup (idea was to overlay and fade the background content in the bg.

Then the popup would not “hide” - ie. block hide. but it did zoom out/scale down when user pressed the X button on the locations pop up. Both are DIVs with Z indexes as required.


also my work around was to link it back to the home page. you can see it scale down but not fade out, then reloads the homepage (current page).

I have hard time to reproduce the bug with only the designer in preview mode.

If your popup is hidden by the onload interaction, ditch the interaction entirely and make the popup hidden really, by default, this will fix the loading flashing bug.

Can you try that, and come back, and then we treat the issues one after another? :slight_smile: