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Multiple modal/popup windows?


here is my new site web flow public address.

The site is to display my various artworks, paintings, drawings etc. have a look, any suggestion welcome.

I manage so far to make a modal window fade in and fade out, ( in the painting page, not yet done right but the popup works).

I would like to do it for all the paintings. But so far I have not managed to make two modal windows work. I tried to duplicate the JS code, with the new classes for the new modal window : I had a modal1 on the home page to display the contact info, then a modal2 on the painting page to display a larger image of the first painting.

Only modal2 worked, modal1 did not. If I deleted the code for modal2 then modal1 worked?, so the question is how do I set up multiple modal windows, in the same page or other pages?

Hi, Thanks, I just watch your video. Two things: can you post the code you use in this forum? and then,
You are using container with 3 columns, one for each photo. Will this method work with a slider with way more images? I have more than 40 paintings to show.

Thanks again that was very fast. I will try to implement your code on a blank window first. I am a real new be, but I am like a dog with a bone, I do not give up, i try and try until it works…:slight_smile:


You can add this to your custom code to have this kind of custom functionality…

    $(document).ready(function() {
        $('.gallery-image').click(function() {
            var image = $(this).attr('src');
            $('.popup-container').html('<img src="' + image + '" />');
        $('.popup-bg').click(function() {

You can use slider easily. As you can see the code the class .gallery-image triggers the function.

Hi Bartek,

I’ve been using your modal code on a couple of sites (thank you!), but one thing I’ve noticed is that if I click on the background to close, I can’t scroll up or down anymore! However if I use the ‘close’ link, everything works fine…

Any idea why this would be happening?
Here is the live link (click on the 'more details on the product images)

On $('.close-modal') you have a line: $('body').css('overflow', 'auto'); Try adding this one too to the $('.modal-background') :slight_smile:

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Hello Bartek, thanks for your code.

I have one question: what if the multiple modals must contain different text? For like a services page?

Thank you

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You’re welcome :)