Multiple users working on the same project at the same time

Real-time collaboration would be VERY helpful to us.


This would be HUGE for us. We are two users working on separate pages all the time on a project.

Sometimes we make a copy of the project for now, and then manually merge the project which is a big pain and takes forever.

Please webflow come out with this soon!


Piggy-backing on this post to boost the this request higher.

I’m design manager and AD at a digital agency and the Team plan doesn’t quite quench our thirst in terms of production.

In-medium prototyping via Webflow has become one of our golden guns. Not being able to have multiple users provide various iterations within a single prototype is a huge blocker, now, though. We’re looking for a structure that would allow at least two users to work on the same project/site at the same time — not necessarily the same page.

Obviously, the biggest issue will be conflicts, which is why it makes sense this feature is still not provisioned. So, in an effort to add some external thoughts to Webflow’s team (as if you asked :stuck_out_tongue: )…

Possible conflict solutions/ideas:
• Like GitHub, for selector/mark-up conflicts, introduce a merge conflicts palette that triggers an error when a user is doing something that will affect other pages/elements (both in Designer and in the project/site Dashboard). [Maybe also add page instancing to the Style Manager palette?]
• Create permission-tiered users (have an admin and then tiered sub-users): this way, a sub-tier user can’t conflict an admin’s work. Or, admin can specify what, specifically, a sub-user can do exactly.
• Apply filter to pages that identifies if a user is currently working on/in it.

As always, much love to the hardworking Webflow team :heart:


I second this! - This would help me and my back-end developer out so much.

Yep, this would be a really nice to have feature