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Advice on same project collaboration with team account?

Hey, so I have a large web project for our team where we would like to collaborate on the same site (kind of like how in WordPress users can each take a page to build).

I am wondering since this isn’t possible in the same project designer, is there other ways you guys go about approaching this, other than cloning the site and merging them later in a master? (this is currently what we are doing, but it makes tons of duplicate classes and interactions in the master… lol)

Would love any advice! Cheers!!

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Webflow designer is not designed for collaborative editing. The best practice is to not try until they support it. I have seen bad things happen when two designers had a collision on the same page. Good luck. For me I will stick to systems that support VC when it’s a requirement.

@webdev you have any idea when they might support it? Would be extremely helpful. I disagree though on not trying. Having some sort of solution is better than none. When you say bad things, are you talking about like the site breaking? Or duplicated classes?

I can honestly say merging two sites together to a master, isn’t really that bad. Just requires a little extra time on cleaning duty. lol (Webflow this isn’t an excuse to not make the real-time collaboration update) :kissing_heart: