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Git / Subversion Check-in/Out workflow for the Designer

I see there was a similar request in 2014 that was closed in 2016. I’ve been using Webflow as a solo designer, but now I’ve got a team, and the one-designer-at-a-time nature of the designer suddenly feels like a step backwards in front-end web development!

Webflow would be even more insanely great if my design team were able to simultaneously work on separate pages in our site, whilst sharing the same set of styles and assets.

Of course I understand how complicated versioning system workflow is, as I have lived in Git with engineering teams (and years before Subversion).

This would be a GODSEND feature.

Thx Webflow team for your amazing efforts.

Hey @aud10pilot! I agree it’d be awesome to have this. I’d imagine it’s going to be part of the huge rollout they’ve been working on behind the scenes that should be coming before the end of the year. As I understand it, they’re pretty much re-engineering the whole platform to accommodate these kinds of features. (Cross-site copy and paste is one of the ones I’m really looking forward to!)

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