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Collaborate with clients

Hello and congratulations for this super application!

Maybe than a topic similar was created but I didn’t find! :frowning: . I’ll be interested to use Webflow but it lacks something essential for me…The collaboration in real time with clients to avoid mails. Just something very simple: to comment, annotate an area of the wireframe and engage in a discussion around this area. System as a the competitor Invision (to see the screenshot)

Is this a feature that will be included in the basic plans? :). Because it seems to me essential in 2014 to work together to improve the workflow. Mails are very boring ;). Thanks a lot


Currently I’m always using a shared Google Doc for this, or just simple email conversations. THe last one is always very messy. And the Google Doc can be annoying too.

This solution would be quite perfect actually. And especially usefull for the Pro and Business plans…

Yup this is a really interesting feature some people have requested. We don’t have this on the roadmap just yet but it may get some consideration in the coming months!

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I haven’t tried this yet, but I think you could integrate some external javascript from a collaborative feedback tool like BugHeard or Usabilla ( > I’ll try this out myself in the coming weeks as it would be a huge benefit in gathering client feedback, tracking notes, and getting user feedback.

I actually mentioned this a long time ago to the Webflow team. I would love this feature, but I also want other features and improvements and I dont think something like this is done in a couple of weeks. I found this in another thread here in this forum, check it out, it is probably exactly what your looking for. I used it with a coworker on a project and its working fine.


Ok brryant :wink: thx!

@copioustim, @jorn Good tools :slight_smile: I think I’m gonna love these tools. That’s what I was looking for!