Multiple Admins in Designer mode at once?

Maybe I’m totally missing how to do this, but I’d like for my colleague and I to BOTH be in Designer mode at the same time. I can see where many users all the way back to 2014 have asked for this feature, but I can’t seem to find if it’s been implemented or not. ???


Hi @double3, you can have two “designer-capable” accounts by using Team accounts, but currently there is no way to have two team members in the Designer at the same time. However, this is a feature that Webflow is working on right now—I actually asked about it in the last quarterly live stream with Vlad (the CEO), you can hear his answer at 22:15:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks, @asksj! :grinning:

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I’m just curious where this is at. I know the post was over a year ago, and from what I can see there has been nothing released to the public. My company just created our team account today, and I was caught off guard when a couple of us tried working on a single project together and weren’t able to do so.


Yeah I’m right there with you. Where is this? Vlad said we’d see things in the “coming weeks / months” and here we are over a year later without any of this. :rage:

Can somebody from the Webflow team chime in on this?


I guess since the thread is “solved” nobody is really following it any longer. Probably best to make a new post, but in the end they will release it when its ready.

We have the same issue though.

The thread is definitely not “solved”, and there is no point in creating duplicate tickets for the same item. I would really like to hear from somebody at Webflow regarding this.

I’m not saying it is solved as in there is a solution out there. I am saying this forum post has an answer that the original poster has marked as a solution. Usually forum posts that already are marked as solved wont get much attention.

Of course the underlying issue is far from solved…

You probably wont. And if you do, it will be the standard answer “we are monitoring it, but don’t have an ETA”. Who knew a company so large could take so long for features to come out. When they do come out they usually work very well, but development speed is not a thing at Webflow it would appear…


This is quite a disappointment to learn that a team account, which is drastically more expensive than a site plan, does not have the benefit of multiple users in the design tab.

@Webflow, when does this plan to be updated, since it’s been more than a year and a half since it’s been “in development”?

I have been working with my non-profit organization to move our site over the Webflow from Wordpress, but this is a pretty key issue that we will need to see resolved before we can pull the trigger on making the move.


+1 need this feature asap!


Please add this feature soon!

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Yes, I could use this asap, please keep us posted!

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Also would love this feature, it’s a big bottleneck.

We’re considering building our site out with our standard stylesheet, and then duplicating the site to a “dev” one. Then at least we can have 2 people building at the same time, and then copy changes from the dev site into the live site.

Can we please BUMP this feature up to the top so we can prioritise it? Thank you!

Any update on this? It’s been 3 years – and can’t believe there’s only a 1 designer option atm

Facing a same problem but still did not get any solution. I am facing it for last five month. if any one have solution then please let me know.Thank you
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