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Create mulitiple pages from the same same account on the same subdomain

Hi there,

I am new to webflow and I’ve been told that webflow is perfect for concept testings. I am running multiple concept tests and I would like to use webflow for this instead of hard coded landing pages.

However I am having a hard time figuring out how I can do the setup correctly. Maybe some of you know…

I have three brand identities that I want to build landing pages for by using the same webflow account.

I am thinking of a sub-domain setup like this, so that I only need to make a sinle simple dns setup:

General dns setting for webflow directory:

Brand 1:
Brand 2:
Brand 3:

Within each brand I will over time be running multiple tests / new landinges. I don’t want to overwrite the old ones but I want to add new ones using the same visual brand identitify.

So I was thinking of a setup like this for e.g. brand 1
Brand 1 - test 1:
Brand 1 - test 2:
Brand 1 - test 3:

I am not sure if it’s at all possible. But I would much appreciate some guidance.


As long as you understand custom domains need their own hosting plan if the landing pages are different (they all would share the same index/home). Otherwise all you are doing is adding pages to a project. No issue with static pages. If you wanted to use dynamic pages you could have to use a collection for each brand due to slug (path) limitations. There is also a limit on pages and a limit on collections, depending on your plan.