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Multi-references issue


I’m trying to list “product cards” in my layout (as seen in image below)

I do have a products collection with field such as name, price and so on.

However, I’d like to get the resellers from another collection by refering this as a multi-reference field in the products collection.

The issue is that I can’t figure out how to display the resellers in my “product card” since I can’t put a collection within a collection. I’ve watched the CSM-tutorial regarding multi-reference collections but I need the resellers WITHIN the “card”. Is this even possible and if so, how? If not, workarounds are welcome.


Allright, there’s a few things to understand with multi refs.

  1. you can’t show the multi ref field content in a dynamic list on a normal page
  2. you can show the multi ref field content in a TEMPLATE page within a COLLECTION LIST linked to the multi ref fields.

Example: Look at that Records collection: Made of many things including a MAIN GENRE, MAIN ARTISTS (references) along ADDITIONAL GENRES and ADDITIONAL ARTISTS multi refs

On the homepage I have a COLLECTION LIST of all records:

but yes, no multi reference can be show there.

However, in the TEMPLATE PAGE for the records, I have the same informations, but I can also add a COLLECTION LIST and bind it to my multi refs fields:

And the result with multi refs linked:

And a capture showing the structure so you don’t get lost:

I too would like to be able to show my multi refs anywhere. I hope this will come with a new, complete vocabulary/tag system.

Here is the sharing link of this CMS test website

Thank you Vincent.
Too bad It can’t be done the way I wanted it to. I guess I’ll make a “workaround” by greating a text field for the resellers. Not as fancy but should atleast work.

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Hi @albinlang, it would be really helpful to know how you want it to work for this item on our wishlist, vote and comment here:

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Two years later and still not doable like TS wanted. Tbh, I am very dissapointed in actually two things:

  1. that this is still not possible
  2. referencing to a whishlist - of which I doubt is even read

I know I sound rather blunt, but very disappointed