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Multi Reference Collection in Non Collection Page

I’ve got a really specific challenge that’s got me incredibly puzzled.
Basically I’m looking for a way to organize collection items alphabetically, and group the items by first letter. See screenshot

I’ve tried to create a collection with every letter of the alphabet with a multi reference in order to link each artist to their respective first letters of the alphabet.

The problem is, on a non collection page, I’m unable to create these groupings, webflow doesn’t provide the option to link text to a multiple reference field within a collection.

I’ve also tried to just import the same collection multiple times and limit each one indiviudally to only that letter of the alphabet, but webflow limits the # of collections per page to 20 so I’m off by 6.

Has anyone successfully grouped items by letter or been able to group collection items like this?

Here is my public share link:

There’s no way to create this in Webflow at the moment due to the inability to insert a collection into another collection.

One solution is to add one collection per letter but with Webflow limit of 20 collections per page an alphabet can’t be done just for simple math.

If you find a workaround please let the community know.

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