How do I alphabetically order Multi-reference output?

Hi there. I have some output on a collection template page that is listing via a multi-reference connection items from another collection.

I’d like the Sort Order to be alphabetical but it appears that I can’t control the order at all. Is this correct? or have I missed something ?

You can see what I mean here Craig Andrews | McVeagh Fleming The order of the Areas of Expertise is not alphabetical but I would like it to be.

Update - I’ve managed to get the order I want but this was done by removing the selected items from the collection and then reselecting them alphabetically. Ugh, I hope that this is not the only way to do this.

Here is my public share link:Webflow - McVeagh Fleming - 2021

it looks like it’s the only way to do this :frowning: very unprofessional from webflow …

The fact that these lists can’t be ordered automatically is very annoying. Right now if you have a huge multi-reference you want to re-order when adding a new element, you have to delete all the points and order them by yourself. The worst thing is, that you are not even seeing the date since the multi-reference picker only let’s you see the name :S

webflow please fix this asap!