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Multi lingual site by duplicating the entire website

Hello guys from webflow!
I want to make a multi lingual website and I thought of duplicating the entire page and linking the pages as soon as someone hits an English flag or similar. Would it be possible to use custom domain hosting and link the German page to the homepage url and the english website to the (as seen in the picture).

Thanks in advance!

Does anybody know the answer to my question?

Hi @creatspot, thanks for question. If you have a current page that is something like:

you can redirect that using old path:




to the pages of your choice that exist in your site. You cannot however, at the moment, have a subdirectory structure in Webflow like:

So you would have to link it to something like:

We are working on more robust page management features for future updates.

Another cool solution for multi-language handling in Webflow, and superior to the method you are describing, would be to use localise.js javascript solution, and here is instructions for that:

This would be a much smoother and less work intensive solution for you I think, but that of course is up to you to evaluate if it would fit in your design.

I hope that helps, let us know if you have any further questions. Cheers, Dave

Hey Cyberdave,
thank you for the quick and extensive reply!
I think it would be easier to duplicate the pages in one webflow project to make it less complicated.
Do you also think so?
I tryied localizejs but it couldn’t identify all pages and I read that it is not really SEO compatible.

Hi @creatspot, well it is true that localise.js may not work for everyone’s own need, so sorry to imply it was THE best solution for everyone, it has it’s ups and downs too :slight_smile:

Yes, if you duplicate your pages and give them each own page name in Webflow, that is very easy to do. As far as it being less complicated, it depends on your exact need, but it sounds like duplicating your pages is a solution that will work for you :slight_smile:

You can redirect those old requests to your new pages, no problem at all :smile:

Cheers, Dave