Redirecting a sub-domain to your multilingual site (site made by duplicating content)

This is a tutorial for people who want to create a multilingual website by duplicating their content and then connecting a sub-domain eg to the sub-directory on your site with the new language eg

This is how I did it on my site:

So my main-language site is hosted on the domain I also made an English version by duplicating all of the pages, translating them and putting them in a folder with a sub-directory to (“en” is the name of the folder where all of the duplicated sites are and “home” is the main page).

For convenience reasons I wanted people who spoke my main language to connect to my site just using the domain name ( and for others so that they don’t need to write down the entire title, to connect via the url “”.
So you need to redirect everyone who writes “” to “”.

If you want to do that you have to do it in your domain registrar settings and there is nothing you have to do on webflow. My Domain is hosted on and this is what I did:

  1. Add a sub-domain and point it to the sub-directory /en/home
  2. Add an A record with the name “en” and point it to your registrar’s site (Mine is and their IP is:
  3. This has to be done by a support person.
    created a code inside of the installation folder of the sub-domain to command any visitors to go directly to the
    this is the code:
  • Normal (-> I don’t know why this is here, I just copied what the support guy send me but it appears on the blank redirection page)
  • <HTML>
  • <HEAD>
  • <META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="0; url=">
  • </HEAD>
  • </HTML>

(In the “META” type in your url with the desired sub-directory you want people to be forwarded to)

And that’s it, it works.

It took 10 minutes to propagate. Just be sure to clear your cache and cookies before trying to access it again or use a different browser to test it.

Hi there! Thanks for sharing the practice setting up multilingual sites.

Additionally, It’s better to auto direct your visitors among multiple versions of lingual sites, preventing them getting lost and increasing user conversion rate. When the language is changed, it usually adds a URL parameter, like, or To auto direct your visitors, for example, you can use Geo Redirect tool. It auto directs users to location specific websites by IP. Easy to set up redirecting rules and integrate. No code is required by yourself. Webflow platform is perfectly supported.

Hope it helps.

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