Multi-step CMS to bypass Field number limitations?

Unfortunately, I have a requirement where I need around 127 fields for a CMS/Registration page capture but am limited by Webflow’s limit on the number of fields. Usually we do this across 4-5 registration page steps in our old Drupal system. Is there a way to do this within Webflow, where we use say 4-5 collection pages that allow a persistent/parallel form submission? So for example my worry is, is if someone (customer 1) is completing Step 1 (CMS1) and then continues to Step 2 (CMS2), how can I ensure the data is married up and it’s Customer 1’s data in the same submission count/row on each step/cms item? What would prevent a concurrent user (Customer 2) filling out the form at Step 1 and Step 2 and their (Customer 1 and Customer 2) data getting mixed up (so Customer 1’s Step 1 data is in CMS 1, submission count/row 1, but their Step 2 data is in CMS 2, submission count/row 2 and vice-a-versa for Customer 2)?

I’m not the best at explaining myself I know, but the reason why I need the data married up correctly is that I then plan to export it to Airtable into one table, with the 127 fields.

Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you


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Why not use an Airtable form then? You can embed it into a page, or simply link to it and have Airtable redirect back to the site when the form is completed.

And then you could sync the Airtable data back to Webflow CMS with PowerImporter.

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Hi Marc

Thanks for the tips. So just to check:

  1. Is it possible to have a multistep form via Airtable?

  2. The other issue is that Airtable does not prevent duplication of entries i.e. the same user could technically register multiple times.

No, Airtable doesn’t support multistep forms, so you’ll have to have one big form with all the fields.

As for the duplicates, yeah, I don’t think there’s a way to prevent that.