CMS help for Travel Content Website (Do I need Airtable?)

I’m looking for advice on how to structure CMS correctly on a travel website.

The idea is to have a “unique page” for each city with the following content:

  • best places to eat
  • best things to do
  • best places to stay
  • best music venues

However, each category (food, stay, do, etc.) will have slightly different field requirements for their content. So I’m thinking it’s best to create a collection for each category and then reference them to each respective city. The problem I have is how can I maintain each collection so I can update items for specific cities without having to go through a HUGE list.

The CMS on Webflow doesn’t allow for one to filter the database based on a specific parameter (only can filter by published, modified and date). Do I have to use something like Airtable to set this up correctly? And also, is there a way for me to update everything for a city without having to go into each collection specifically and update items?

Hope that all makes sense.

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You’re right, it’s going to be a pain to manage the collections for a single city amongst all the other cities.

Airtable would be a better solution for the backend. You can create different views for each city, and the search allows you to instantly find any record.

And, you can automatically sync your Airtable base to Webflow’s CMS with PowerImporter.

Thank you! I’m thinking about creating a form so I can input all the information about each city in one table. And then map that information to multiple tables (restaraunts, things to do, places to see). Then I can reference those individual tables to collections on Webflow. Does that sound about right?

And I’ll have a look at powerimporter. Looks great!

I’m not sure how you will create multiple Restaurant records from a single City form submit. Will the form have 5 restaurant fields and then you’ll use Airtable automations to create the 5 Restaurant records?

That’s the plan right now, unless there’s a better method.? Ideally, I want the form to be modular so I can input as many Restaurants necessary for each city. And then send those Restaurants to a master database of all the Restaurants.