Multi-Reference Field within a Collection List


I am trying to build the following. This is list of showrooms that have my products.
I want to show for each entry the products available (from 1 to 4) with this “bubble-like” system.

Available products are coming from the ecommerce CMS collection so I am using a multi reference field to associate them with showrooms. Sadly, Webflow is not able to use multi reference fields outside a collection page which is really annoying. At the moment, I can’t built this.

I am looking for a turnaround to still be able to get what I need. Maybe there is a tricky to still use multi reference field (nested collection lists maybe ?) Or maybe using another type of field within the collection and use a conditional filter…

thanks for your advices

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Hi Martin,
Did you try using an Option field? if your options do not require special formatting for each one, it might work.

I actually sorted this out by using the conditional visibility on the div block that contain a text linked to the multi reference field. Tried without conviction, but hey, it worked !

It shows the div only if the multi reference field associated to the linked text is contained within the CMS item (showrooms).