Collection List not showing Multi-reference field

Hi all,

I have created a collection list, within the list is a multi-reference field. When I drop the collection list on the page, I am unable to create a text field that pulls in from the multi-reference field, the multi-reference field doesn’t show.

I am not sure if I have done something wrong.

Here are some screenshots showing the setup:

Multi-reference field referencing the Type Collection:

Just showing the field being using for the collection item:

Showing the available collection fields, which doesn’t include the multi-reference field:

Any help is appreciated.


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I think I have solved it, I had to drop in a separate collection list directly to the Type collection.

One thing I wanted to check is if there is a workaround to allow a link block to contain two collections.

To further explain, I have a job listing page that lists all jobs. Each job contains various info in a block, so name, description from the job collection but it also pulls in the multi-reference field (job type), I want the whole block to be a link, which webflow doesn’t allow me to do, any workaround?