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Referencing a Multi-Reference Field

I have a Collection List full of products (not using ecommerce) and a Multi-Reference field that references an option, let’s say a Collection called ‘sizes’.

I have done this because a product could be available in multiple sizes, but not all sizes.

How do I display the sizes an individual Collection item is available in from the Multi-Reference field for that item? And then how do I enable a user to choose one of them.

In this example a shirt is available in S, M and L. These are selected in the Collection item of the shirt’s Multi-Reference field. How do I then display these sizes and require a user to choose one of them.


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@radicalrooster - can you post a read-only link so I can take a look?

Sure, although the real-life example is a little more complex than the shirt example I gave -

In this live sample, each Collection Item cold be available in multiple locations and at multiple dates.

Each Collection item could therefore be completely different - Some available in 4 locations and 3 dates, some just 2 locations and 1 date, it varies massively.

I then need the user to choose one of these dates and locations.

I found sort of a work around -

But this only shows everything in a Collection in a dropdown, not from a Multi-Reference field.


Figured it out! Example -

I used this tutorial -

But when loading in a Collection I chose the ‘Multi-Reference’ instead. Means I need two ‘hidden’ Collection lists to pull in the data but it works!

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