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Filtering a Multi Reference Field List

Hey Guys,

For a project I am working on I have created a Collection of “Stores” and a collection of “Products”. The Stores Collection has a Multi Reference field of Available Products so that you can add in what products are available at each Store in the Store Collection. The Products collection has an option field which is the product type.

So from that I am trying to create the Client Page Template. I am dividing it up into sections of different product types. Secion 1 shows available products of Type A and Section 2 shows products of time B, this is all using the Multi Reference Field of available products I set up for the Store Collection.

My question is, how can create a collection list and filter the “Available products” Multi Reference field List to show only products of a certain type (using the product type field).

I know that on the collection wrapper there is a Filter section. But if you have set a Multi Reference list field as the Collection List source then the filter option disappears?
Is it not possible to add a filter on a Multi Reference Field?

I realize that I could instead have a Multi Reference field in the Products Collection List used to specify “Selling Stores” and then on the Store Page Template Filter the entire Products collection by “Contains current store” AND also “Product Type”.

But to me it seams it makes more sense to be adding “Available products” into a Store Collection Item rather than “Selling Stores” into a Product Collection Item.

Anyways I know that’s a bit long winded. Hopefully it makes sense!

I ran into same issue and ended up adding the references from the product table. It is not ideal at all as as to say you want to be adding the products from the shop table or as another example an author or artist table.

It means we need to add more reference fields to the product table and forces us to hit the 5 reference field limit quickly as two are used from the get go by skus and categories.

I am finding CMS to be both powerful and infuriating with regards to e-commerce. Obviously there are things and tricks to learn and document here. Still I am trying to use option fields as much as possible as opposed to more collections because of the reference field limitations.