Multi-reference field issue on CMS list on pages

Hi, When I link a CMS field as a Multi-Reference field, and I then try to reference that on a page list, it never seems to see that field. It always works on a single reference field. Why is that and is there a way around that?

For example, some car wipers will fit multiple models, and I would like to reference more than one model. Please let me know if there is a way around this, as I could never understand this.

Thank you.

Multi-ref fields and image gallery fields contain multiple items, so the only way to reference them is with a collection list.

If you’re on a collection page for a collection that contains a multi-ref, just drop a collection list and you can bind it to your multi-ref field.

If you’re in a collection list for a collection that contains a multi-ref, you need to nest a second collection list in order to access that field ( with limitations - one nested collection list per page, only 5 items will be shown, no sorting or filtering on the nested list… )

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