Multi Refrence not Working

Good morning, so basically I am using a multi-reference field in my primary collection called “Blog Posts”. In the multi-reference box I entered the collection I am referencing called “Links”. Then I saved the cms item.

Now when I am in the Blog Post Template and I click on my button element, the connected “Links Collection” does not show as an option to bind to the button. But if I did this process with the reference tool it works. I have included pictures.

What can I do to have the multi-reference tool work?

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Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 9.52.39 AM

You’ll need to add a collection list to the blog post page template and connect the list to your ‘links’ multi-reference field.

Inside the list item you can add your button. This will give you access to bind the button labels and the button links to the data in the ‘links’ collection.

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Thank you, I see now. Multi-Reference only works when attached to a collection list.