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No multi reference field shown in collection list

How can I add a multi-reference field to a collection list? If I have a single text field then I can print the reference field no problem, but I cannot print a multi-reference field? Is there any workaround?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @mknee

A multi-reference requires a collection list. This article should help. Go down to the “Using the multi-reference field in your design” section. Hope that helps.

I dont think you understood my issue. I want to add a collection list to my page, but within each collection item print the multi-reference field in that collection list. Its not possible i dont think.


Multi-references are an entire collection list. Place a collection list on the CMS template page that contains the multi-reference. Each multi-reference will be an item in the collection list.

Nested collection lists are not possible yet. If you need to get around this limitation, try using multiple single-reference fields instead.

In order to help further, please provide the project’s read-only link along with instructions on where to find the collection list along with a detailed description of what you’d like to achieve. Thank you.