Multi-reference collection not displaying LIVE, only works in Preview

So I have a multi-reference collection nested within another collection (and have used Finsweet’s attributes in order to have unlimited nested collections) - and it works great in preview - but does not work on the Live website.

Can someone help me figure this out? (Somewhat urgently)

I recorded a loom video to show the issue: Video

The nested collection can be found when rolling over the Company cards. It is both on the home page and the Companies page. You can see in preview mode what is supposed to occur - a list of company benefits is display (that is the multi-reference collection) and is nested within the Company collection (which is the company card in the design).

Here is my public share link: Click Here
Here is the live site:

Hi @szimmerman! Glad to help!

You must have an empty div block with the attributes fs-cmsnest-collection="benefits" inside your collection list card:

And the collection list you want to nest should be outside the main collection list:

Let me know if that works :wink:

Eve Kayser

@evekayser Okay - I added the empty div. But it’s not letting move the multi-reference collection list outside the main collection? Giving me this error when I try to put the list outside:

Ah yes, sorry. Is not a multi-reference collection list. It is a regular collection list. That’s why it will show all your benefits (without 5 items limitation).

So please, remove that nested one. And add a new collection list with the attributes fs-cmsnest-collection="benefits" outside the main collection list.

Let me know :wink:

@evekayser Okay - it’s partially working, but it’s not displaying the actual correct reference collection. It’s showing just one item from the multi reference collection.

Is there something else I mislabeled? It’s just displaying showing 1 item from the reference list, rather than the selected ones.


Is still missing the link with current company benefit:

It should work now :wink:

Eve Kayser

@evekayser Thank you for working me on this. I updated the link now - and instead it’s show ALL of the benefits on hover, lol. I appreciate your time and patience helping me out here.

I’m not sure what else I can alter? Perhaps I missed adding an attribute somewhere?

@evekayser hold on - I might have fixed it. I didn’t have the other link set.

@evekayser Nevermind. When I set the link there, it completely made it empty again. Lol. I’m so stuck.

I also made sure to set the other collection link hoping that would fix it, but it didn’t. :pensive:

Haha that’s ok. One more thing.

The multi-reference collection list was added in the wrong CMS template.
You should add the multi-reference collection list on the COMPANIES template (the same as the main collection).

Remember to add the links and connect them just like you did on the Company Benefits template.

I hope it will work now :crossed_fingers:

Eve Kayser

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Do you mind helping me with my CMS collection when you’re done helping Sarah? :smiley:
post is here:

@evekayser It worked!!! You’re amazing!! :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:
Thank you so much for your help today!

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