I can't make finsweet cms filter work in my project

I created a filtered checkbox with selections for architects, interior designers, etc.
I think I created the same cms filter from the collection list to the UI filters but the checkboxed filter is not working when I click on each profession (architects, etc(. I noticed also that the collection list I created in mult-reference field don’t show in the Collection List I created and I am relegated to using option for the collection. Any help would be appreciated.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @premiumd !

Glad to help:

  1. Remember that the CMS Filter only works when you publish the project. As I checked here it seems to be working:

  1. Some categories are missing because you don’t have the profession selected in the CMS collection list:

  1. This reset attribute is not correct, you should add the identifier to be reset, in this case, you can change it to fs-cmsfilter-reset = By Profession.

Let me know if you need any other help,
Eve Kayser

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Appreciate this.

That’s what I cannot figure out – how to make the Profession collection work before using the Finsweet CMS Filters. It works when I use Name, but not Profession.

I created 3 versions of Profession,

  1. One as a separate collection under Profession and tried that but it didn’t work.
  2. As a multi-reference field in Design and Build Partners page with all the sample data but when I tried to pull in the Collection list, it didn’t work
  3. As an Option in the same collection list, Design and Builders Page but it still didn’t pull in Profession collection

I know the Name works but what I couldn’t figure out was why the By Profession doesn’t allow me to even allow me to use it as a collection. I wonder what I am doing wrong that the collections are not allowing me to have Profession selected.

As for the Reset instruction on Clear, I’ll try that.


Hi @premiumd sorry, I didn’t get it what you are trying to achieve. Could you record a loom.com video to show me, please?

Eve Kayser

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Hi @premiumd,

I’d recommend republishing and using Finsweet’s support tool to make sure that everything is set up correctly - you can use it here: Design & Build Partners

Select CMS Filter on the panel that pops out > Run Check - more on this tool here: Attributes Support

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Eve, Here’s a video of my question. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Looks cool that you have the finsweet attributes. How did you install Finsweet? Your work shows up but not on my Webflow.

Hey @premiumd please check here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thanks, Eve.

Thanks but I forgot to mention that the collection listings are locked. I tried this before and it’s showing a lock in that setting. I’m surprised though how you were able to make changes.

Hi @premiumd please check the video again, you need to disconnect all dynamic items to unlock the list.

Eve Kayser

It worked. Thanks for your help.

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