Multi Lingual Solution?

Olá folks, as we say in portuguese :smiley:

I wanna make my company’s website multi-lingual (Portuguese and English), and i know that, as webflow sits now, it’s nearly impossible to achieve this with duplicate pages, due to utility pages, etc.

But i got to thinking, since the free account plan allows for 2 webflow projects, would you consider a viable solution to do the following:

  • Duplicate my current project (Which is in portuguese).
  • Translate everything from portuguese to english in my 2nd project.
  • Create a subdomain (to connect the 2nd project) in my domain settings (Main domain would be - and subdomain would be
  • Create a pop-up that pops up on my main page as soon as you hit the landing page (
  • Said pop-up would contain the PT option and the EN option.
  • If you clicked on PT, it would just close the pop-up and let you be (because you’re already in the portuguese version).
  • If you clicked on the EN option, it would take you to the english version of the website (
  • …and voilá!

Now, this has downsides, the biggest one being that any change i wish to make, i would have to do it twice, on both projects, such as bug fixes, add products, etc.

But, other than that, is this considered a viable option? Would i have any trouble connecting the EN project to a subdomain? What other disadvantages could there be?

Cheers, and thanks in advance for any feedback :smiley: